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For over 50 years we've been providing renovation services to both domestic and commercial clients across the Fylde Coast.  We proudly call ourselves renovation specialists and can deal with any job we're given.  

If you're after a new bathroom, then give us a call.  Or, you might prefer a kitchen renovation? We can do that too. For any room in your home that needs renovating, come to us.  Again, you have complete creative freedom here. We're not going to tell you what your rooms should look like; we'll simply make dreams a reality.


If you require more space in your house, then an extension is the best solution.  Having one built is a highly affordable way of increasing the size of your home.  There are various extension types and we cover all of them.  No matter the scale of your extension, we're able to build it and ensure it matches your existing building's style and look.

At Perfetti Builders, we give people the opportunity to improve their homes through renovation.  No matter the style or age of your property, we can provide building works to suit. As renovation specialists, we have experience in dealing with a vast array of property styles and have the expertise to deal with any issues that may arise. 


Our building services extend to structural works on your property.  Should you have any issues with the structure of your home, you need to get them seen to ASAP.  We offer a fast service and will get out to you as soon as we can.  Then, we'll assess things and get to work with the job.  Our structural works will keep your property in good condition and extend its lifespan.

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